Aa! Megami-sama (2005) Episodes

Aa! Megami-sama (2005)

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Aa! Megami-sama (2005)
TV Series, 26 episodes
Jan 7, 2005 to Jul 8, 2005
Action, Comedy, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Seinen


Keiichi Morisato is looking forward to university life. But in reality, he has no luck in anything, and he has trouble with clubs, love, etc. The truth is that he has an unlucky star above his head. One day, Keiichi is stuck watching the dorm while his sempai are away, and has a mountain of chores to do to boot. But Keiichi is a good-natured person, and is set about doing his duties. As he is about to finish his final chore, he makes a phone call to his sempai. But the words that came through the receiver are, 'Goddess Help Line.' Shortly afterwards, a beautiful goddess named Belldandy appears in front of him from the mirror of his room.

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Total Ratings: 539

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Aa! Megami-sama!Aa! Megami-sama!OVAAlternate Version
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26Ah! Being an Adult Is Heart-Throbbing? (OVA)251
25Ah! Urd's Small Love Story (OVA)195
24Ah! Always With You?235
23Oh! The Savior, Together With the Sound of a Flute?191
22Ah! A Devil's Whisper, Along With A Pot?194
21Ah! The One I Yearn For Is A White-Winged Angel!211
20Ah! Save the Goddess, If You're a Man!?201
19Ah! Don't Gaze At Me With Those Eyes?242
18Ah! Fated Confession in the Moonlight?215
17Ah! What are ability and effort?214
16Ah! Catastrophe Arrives. An Auspicious Sign Stands?249
15Ah! My Heart Was Stolen By a Goddess!241
14Ah! Teaching Practice By the Name of Confrontation!247
13Ah! Who Does Onee-sama Belong To?240
12Ah! Compare and Contrast Goddesses and Queens?260
11Ah! A Devil has Come and is Creating Calamity!259
10Ah! Will the Auto Club Win?266
9Ah! The Secret of the Queen and the Goddess!273
8Ah! Taking An Examination of Love, Starting with A Devi...317
7Ah! A place to express your feelings!299
6Ah! Unexpectedly finding something blessed?332
5Ah! Living under one roof!387
4Ah! The Queen and the Goddess!390
3Ah! Studying, My Family, and a Goddess!399
2Ah! Can the One Who Believes be Saved?432
1You're a Goddess?654

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