Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Next Episodes

Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Next

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Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Next
TV Series
Oct 2, 2016 to ?
Action, Shounen


Team TRY3 members Chrono Shindou, Shion Kiba and Tokoha Anjou move forward to their respective high schools. Each member forms their own team in a bid to decide their own future. The three protagonists are set to clash as rivals in the upcoming large-scale tournament titled U20 Championship.

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Total Ratings: 27

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50Episode 502
49Battle of the Brothers2
48Dragon's Awakening1
47To the Limit of Radiance0
46Verno's Challenge1
45Special Training with Kanzaki1
44Heat of Searing Heart1
43Striders VS Jaime Flowers1
42Overcoming Heaven's Decree1
41Fukuhara High Vanguard Club VS Team Diffrider1
40Oath of Striders1
39Beacon of Revival2
38Beyond this Sky1
37Our Vanguard2
36Fukuhara's Choice2
35Liberation from Destiny4
34Brothers' Reunion1
33Potential of Humans1
32Evil Eye Sovereign3
31Fragile Living Things3
30The Light from Before1
28Ibuki's Trial2
27Chrono VS Aichi2
26Return of the Vanguard!3
25Chaos of the End4
24The Knights Swear Victory Upon Their Swords2
23Strong, Violent, and Beautiful2
22Creeping Menace3
21Fascinating Magia2
20Unyielding Pirate2
19Sorrow Skyscraper1
18Mano A Mano6
17Signpost of Light2
16Dawn of Nippon2
15Battlefield!! First Stage1
14Are you ready to FIGHT!!2
13Deciding Match!!! Striders VS Trinity Dragon!!!4
12The Last Chance1
11To me, you are...!1
10An Unsurpassable Existence2
9The Flower will Bloom Radiantly4
8Overcoming the Sea of Tears2
7My Future in Bloom2
5Smile of Queen and Schemes2
4The Ki Prince of Fukuhara4
3Kazuma's Ritual6
2Dragon Awaiting Awakening9
1Welcome to the Next Stage!!16

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