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Cardfight!! Vanguard

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Cardfight!! Vanguard
TV Series, 65 episodes
Jan 8, 2011 to Mar 31, 2012
Action, Demons, Shounen


The protagonist of this story, Sendo Aichi, is a timid boy in his third year of middle school. He had been living his life looking backward rather than forward, trying not to stand out. However, he had one thing that kept him going - the "Blaster Blade," a card from a card game that was given to him when he was little. That card is the reason why he begins to engage in Card Fights, something that changes his life drastically. The name of the card game is "Vanguard." The game takes place in a different planet called "Klay," and due to a never before seen play system, it becomes popular throughout the world.

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Total Ratings: 2767

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Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit HenCardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit HenTV SeriesSequel
65Awakening of Twin Blades202
64The Truth of Psyqualia155
63Two Powers, Side-by-Side134
62Lord of the Fight136
61Feelings Towards Foo Fighter111
60Wall of the General120
59Fighting for the Top Spot142
58Clash! Overlord145
57Fatefull Showdown129
56The Man They Call "The Emperor"137
55Ceasar's Empress131
53The Battle Begins! Tournament Finals132
52Songstress of the Sea132
51Golden Glow154
50Beyond the Battle160
49Kai's Battle162
48Solitary Fight158
47Another Foo Fighter136
46The Coiling Thread152
45Shadow Paladin149
44Unexpected Visitor153
43The Black Vanguard150
41Kyou's Revenge164
40Dangerous Scent168
39Return to Regionals159
38Miwa's Ability143
37The Return of the Ninja Master137
36The King of Underground Fights129
35Results of the Training Camp154
34It's Summer! It's Camp! It's Vanguard!150
33Blaster of Darkness145
32Demon World General136
31Beautiful Assassin146
30The Strongest Team, AL4!158
29When the Moon Is Full127
28Agressive Advancement! Tachikaze Deck!171
27Jurassic Army160
26A Stormy Beginning! The National Championship!186
25Beyond Memories155
24The Indelible Memory!185
23Fateful Encounter!181
22The Holy Dragon Descends231
21Rematch in the Final Match!190
20The Hidden Message190
19Showdown! Nova Grappler195
18White Hot Tournament!199
17New Allies!193
16Team Q4 Heads for the Regional Tournament!204
15Thrilling!? Emi's First Fight!198
14The Fearsome Undead! A Granblue Deck!188
13The End of the Shop Tournament219
12Aichi vs. Kamui241
11Ninja Fighter Withdraws237
10Enter the Ninja Fighter225
9The Shop Tournament Begins284
8The King of Knights Enters the Fray!285
7The Fearsone Soulblast275
6The Mysterious Card Shop291
5Whirlwind! Kamui, the Grade-School Fighter307
4Assault! Twin Drive314
3Welcome to Card Capital390
2Ride to Victory486
1Vanguard of Destiny!!809

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