Code Geass: Hangyaku No Lelouch Episodes

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

Series Information

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
TV Series, 25 episodes
Oct 6, 2006 to Jul 21, 2007
Action, Bishounen, Drama, Mecha, Psychological, Science Fiction, Seinen, Supernatural


The Empire of Britannia has invaded Japan using giant robot weapons called Knightmare Frames. Japan is now referred to as Area 11, and its people the 11's. A Britannian who was living in Japan at the time, Lelouch, vowed to his Japanese friend Suzaku that he'd destroy Britannia. Years later, Lelouch is in high school, but regularly skips out of school to go play chess and gamble on himself. One day, he stumbles on terrorists 11's who've stolen a military secret and is caught by a member of the Britannian task force sent after them, who is Suzaku. As the rest of the squad arrives, Suzaku is shot for disobeying orders, while the military secret, a young girl, gives Lelouch the power of Geass, which makes anyone obey any order. While Suzaku is secretly made the pilot of Britannia's brand new prototype Knightmare, Lancelot, Lelouch becomes the masked Zero to lead the rebellion to destroy Britannia once and for all.

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4199 likes / 547 dislikes

Total Ratings: 4799

24-25The Collapsing Stage + Zero1,691
23At Least With Sorrow1,123
22Bloodstained Euphie1,137
21School Festival Announcement!1,083
20Kyuushuu War1,142
19God's Island1,170
18Orders to Kururugi Suzaku1,132
16Captured Nunnally1,099
15Acclaiming Mao1,208
14Geass Vs. Geass1,271
13Shirley And Gunpoint1,235
12Messenger From Kyoto1,274
11Narita Battle1,248
10The Crimson Lotus Dances1,234
8The Black Knights1,351
7Attack Cornelia1,252
6The Stolen Mask1,363
5The Princess And The Witch1,422
4The Name Is Zero1,519
3The Fake Classmate1,632
2The Awakening White Knight1,809
1The Day The Devil Was Born2,606

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