Da Capo II Second Season Episodes

Da Capo II Second Season

Series Information

Da Capo II Second Season
TV Series, 13 episodes
Apr 6, 2008 to Jun 29, 2008
Drama, Harem, Romance, Tragedy


Yoshiyuki, Otome, Yume, Sakura and the rest of their friends are back for more romance and mystery. The school festival is approaching, and the class decides upon a puppet show; what's more, Yoshiyuki was chosen to be the lead! Even once the holidays pass, plenty of quiet times await the gang: Yoshiyuki and Otome investigate mysterious occurrences on the island and the truth behind the always-blooming sakura tree, and everyone celebrates the end of the year – amongst other events.

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165 likes / 33 dislikes

Total Ratings: 206

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