Druaga No Tou: The Sword Of Uruk Episodes

Druaga no Tou: the Sword of Uruk

Series Information

Druaga no Tou: the Sword of Uruk
TV Series, 12 episodes
Jan 9, 2009 to Mar 27, 2009
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Parody, Romance, Shounen


Half a year has passed since monsters disappeared from the the tower of druaga, thanks to Jil and his companions who defeated the evil god Druaga, Jil and Fatina survived the colapse of the tower and try to live their lives after the betrayal of Neeba and Kaaya. This changed when they rescue a little girl named Kai who tells Jil to take him to the top of the tower, after showing him and unpleasent vision of the future. Jill embarks on a quest with his companions for a fabled and powerful artifact rumored to be in the highest floor of the Tower of Druaga. However, other competitors, including the kingdom of Uruk itself, want the treasure for their own reasons.

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423 likes / 82 dislikes

Total Ratings: 521

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