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Enmusubi no Youko-chan

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Enmusubi no Youko-chan
TV Series, 24 episodes
Jul 1, 2017 to Dec 16, 2017
Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Supernatural


In a world where Spirits and Humans coexist and can fall in love with each other, many Spirits see their human loved ones die before them due to the Spirits' much longer life expectancy. Even when that human is reborn, the previous memories of their past life is erased from their memory. However, it is said among Spirits that a certain "service" is spreading. This "service" is provided by the "Fox Spirit Matchmakers" who can revive the lost memories of their former lover. This story follows a young Fox Spirit Matchmaker who tries her best to restore lost memories and spread love.

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61 likes / 16 dislikes

Total Ratings: 79

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24Suusu's Dream15
23King of Destruction: The Northern Mountain Emperor17
22Void Tears vs Void Tears16
21The Aim of the Northern Mountain Emperor18
20Tanabata Plans19
19Wounds of the Heart16
18Koko's Secret22
17Vows on the Grievance Tree21
16Touhou Gessho's Decision13
15Blood of the Touhou Spirit Clan21
14Golden Fire God20
13Absolute Zero17
12Southern Princess15
11Touhou Gessho13
10Ohken's Sword22
9Ohken Fuuki21
8False Tears15
7Book of Reincarnation24
6Truth of the Misunderstanding24
5Wounded Heart20
4Their Feelings14
3Sworn Treasure21
2Resurrected Memories31
1Fox Spirit Suusu95

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