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Eromanga Sensei

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Eromanga Sensei
TV Series, 12 episodes
Apr 9, 2017 to Jun 25, 2017
Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Romance


Izumi Masamune is a high school student who loves writing light novels. Having no artistic skill himself, Masamune always gets his novels illustrated by an anonymous partner using the pen name Eromanga Sensei who, like the name suggests, draws questionably perverted images despite being extremely reliable. In addition to balancing his passion and school, Masamune is also stuck with taking care of his only family member, his younger sister Izumi Sagiri. A hikikomori by nature, Sagiri shut herself in her room for over a year and constantly bosses Masamune around despite his attempts to get her to leave her room. However, when Masamune inadvertently discovers that his anonymous partner has been Sagiri all along, their sibling relationship quickly leaps to new levels of excitement, especially when a beautiful best-selling shoujo mangaka enters the fray.

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202 likes / 110 dislikes

Total Ratings: 316

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12Eromanga Festival47
11How the Two Met and Future Siblings57
10Masamune Izumi and the Younger Senpai51
9Little Sister and the Fairy Island62
8Dreaming Sagiri and Summer Fireworks60
7Little Sister and the Most Interesting Novel in the Wor...72
6Masamune Izumi and the Nemesis of Ten Million Copies75
5Let's Plan a Light-Novel with your Little Sister70
4Eromanga Sensei72
3Buck Naked Mansion and the Fallen Master95
2Class Rep with a Normie Life, and a Fearless Fairy81
1My Little Sister, and the Sealed Room124

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