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Final Fantasy Unlimited

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Final Fantasy Unlimited
TV Series, 25 episodes
Oct 2, 2001 to Mar 26, 2002
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha, Science Fiction, Seinen


One day, the black pillar appeared suddenly in the Sea of Japan. That is a gate which led to the another world, and monsters have invaded into our world from there. Dr.Hayakawa who was famous for the research of the crust energy went to another world with his wife Marie, and they had come back safely. And, they wrote the book " Kairetsu no hi ( Day of the field row ) ". After that, they never came back though they went to another world again. Their twins' child Yu and Ai went to the station of subway which had been closed. According to " Day of the field row ", the train which goes to the another world comes at midnight. To search for parents, they tried to take this train. At night of the full moon, the train for the another world arrived at 0:13:13. Yu and Ai boarded the train. And as follow Yu and Ai, the girl named Risa also took the train. Who is she?

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Total Ratings: 244

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25Kaze - When the Life Shines117
24Chaos - The Count's True Character37
23Telos - Aiming at Tobimizu24
22Mogli - Nostalgic Memories20
21Cactus - The Sea which is Wandering16
20Yu - Gaudium's Secret16
19Ai - An Encounter with Kuria18
18Summons Master - Confrontation of Kiri and Kumo23
17Frog - A Tiny Big Adventure17
16Kigenju - Beyond the Smile17
15Jane - Sea Puzzle Which Begins to Move20
14Omega - Meeting Again and Departure18
13Meteor - A Horrible Memory16
12Fungs - Eternal Life25
11Ciel - Parting from Chocobo18
10Mansion - Memories of Habenaria Radiata23
9Oscar - Endless Work23
8Soil - Heart of Magic Gun22
7Subway - Enemy in Dimensional Tunnel27
6Kigenjutsu - The One to Defend Life34
5Cid - Adventure in Underground Water Vein32
4Demon Sword Master - White Etude42
3Fruits - The Town with the Sweet Smell61
2Magic Gun - A Man of Black Wind128
1Another World - Departure to Darkness604
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