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Gakuen Alice
TV Series, 26 episodes
Oct 30, 2004 to May 14, 2005
Action, Comedy, Magic, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural


Mikan is a girl full of vitality living in a local town. She followed her best friend Hotaru who had moved, and she finally reached to Alice Gakuen. But it was a special school that only those who had special abilities called “Alice” could enter. She managed to enter the school, but she was embarrassed by the special environment. What would her school days become?

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1268 likes / 215 dislikes

Total Ratings: 1526

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26Friendless is Endless710
25Take Back the Academy415
24Narumi-sensei, You Liar458
23The Circus Has Come405
22The Bear and the Prince427
21Sight the Excellence Award442
20The Last Dance is With Whom?598
19Curtain Raising - Snow White in the Sleeping Forest554
18Alone Together in the Dark654
17Hotaru's Secret464
16Trial by Maze - Magic Lamp694
15Let's Return to the Campus542
14Take Back Natsume499
13Chasing After the Top Star427
12The School Festival is Coming456
11The "I'm Back" Alice - Special Training449
10The Exciting Central Town481
9My Beloved Hotaru-sama424
8I want to see granddad485
7I won't lose! Alice dodge ball!539
6I'm in the good-for-nothing group?503
5Star Ranking is Severe, isn't it489
4This is my Alice618
3I'm Not Going to Lose to Any Alice542
2Welcome to Alice Academy660
1The School is Going to be Shut Down894

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