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Iketeru Futari

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Iketeru Futari
TV Series, 16 episodes
Feb 2, 1999 to Feb 26, 1999
Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Slapstick


Kaji is just a normal teenage boy that has raging hormones and he is smitten by the mysterious Koizumi who appears to hate men and throw in Kaji's childhood friend the big-breasted Yuki and you have a rollercoaster ride of a comedy and ecchi anime.

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179 likes / 39 dislikes

Total Ratings: 227

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16Cheers to the Good Couple!192
15The World's Greatest Kidnapping, Where to Koizumi-131
14Memories, Punyo Punyo. A Challenge from the Unknown!148
13Wet Hunt, Amakasu's Tale148
12Pajama Party, Fly Into Outer Space!165
11Good Times with the Kotatsu, the Night of Kitty Print156
10Everyone's Idol, Sakurai-Kun167
9Intiative! Koizumi Akira's Night of Burning Passion!171
8Sweet Heart Valentine Special164
7Broke Up! A Prickling Attack Helps...Right?181
6Can't Feel Any Worse - Get More Panties!179
5Watch Out for the Lovers' Sudden Kiss208
4At Last, The Bed..221
3Squishy Squishy and Wobble Wobble196
2Throb to the Beat, Wobbling Breasts248
1SOS! Alice in Shibuya409

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