Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor Episodes

Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor

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Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor
TV Series, 12 episodes
Mar 26, 2010 to Jun 11, 2010
Action, Ecchi, Martial Arts, School Life, Seinen, Supernatural


Academy clans wars escalate. Time to unleash the true powers of all the fighters. A new enemy appears, but fooled by only what the eye can catch, Hakufu doesn't notice the true and mighty enemies lurking on the shadows, ready to assault all that she treasures the most. Deathful eyes and souls join the fight for supremacy, a fight that no longer involves the academies only but the whole world.

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229 likes / 47 dislikes

Total Ratings: 287

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12Infinite Future283
11Burning Castle187
10Torn Darkness205
9Angry Love274
8A Reunion of Fists246
7Silent Tears284
6Swarming Fangs297
5Bonds of the Soul334
4Beckoning Demon340
3The Training Lion440
2Gathered Comrades516
1Wet Warrior914

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