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Isekai Shokudou

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Isekai Shokudou
TV Series, 12 episodes
Jul 4, 2017 to Sep 19, 2017
Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery


On the first basement floor of a building at a corner of a shopping district near an office area, there is a shop. It is the restaurant Youshoku no Nekoya (Western Cuisine Cat Restaurant), whose door is adorned with a picture of a cat. Founded five decades ago, it has since been filling the bellies of the salarymen from the office area. While it is described as Western cuisine, it is an extraordinary restaurant with menus beyond Western cuisine that are rich and sumptuous. However, for people from that world, it is even more especially unique. There is a secret in Nekoya. Every Saturday when the shop takes a day off, Nekoya is teeming full of special customers. With the jingling of the bell, it serves the rarest, most wonderous of delicious cuisine at the request of customers from all walks of life, upbringing, and ethnicity. Certainly, for the office workers, it is a familiar place with familiar dishes. However, for the Saturday customers or people from that world, it is nothing but cuisine never seen or heard before ... an Alternate-World Restaurant.

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174 likes / 19 dislikes

Total Ratings: 195

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12Pork Soup / Croquettes26
11Carpaccio / Curry Bun36
10Crepes / Natto Spaghetti36
9Fried Seafood / Cream Soda43
8Hamburg Steak / Assorted Cookies60
7Curry Rice / Chicken Curry58
6Sandwich / Baked Potato with Butter47
5Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl / Pudding a la Mode58
4Omelette Rice / Tofu Steak58
3Meat Sauce / Chocolate Parfait77
2Minced Meat Cutlet / Fried Shrimp77
1Beef Stew / Breakfast Special104

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