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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
TV Series, 44 episodes
Feb 13, 1999 to Jan 29, 2000
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Drama, Fantasy, Mahou Shoujo, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo


Marron seems to be a normal, ditsy kinda of school girl when in actuality she is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. With her angel sidekick Finn, she attempts to seal demons which are hiding in pieces of art and possess weak-hearted people. However with sealing the demons the art disappears leaving the police and her best friend Miyako, the police chief's daughter, to suspect her to be nothing but a common art thief. More strange twists occur when a smooth talking new boy in school moves in next door along with the presence of a new "art thief" Sinbad, who races against Joan to seal demons. Now Marron must race against the police and Sinbad to seal the demons and manage just to make it through school and a strange homelife.

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452 likes / 88 dislikes

Total Ratings: 556

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44Thou! Become the heavenly wind276
43Friendship collapse!?! Magic ice final battle133
42Kaitou, surpass space and time141
41Reunion with Fin!! A tragic nightmare139
40Dark transformation! Mists fierce assault141
39Just one wish! To mother and father139
38Resolution!? The checkmate of sadness161
37A boy with a demons heart142
36A thief is on the polices side?!?148
35The power of Jeanne's love, revived181
34Declaration of departing! Ill never believe anyone agai...195
33Sinbad you liar!233
32Obliterate Kaitou Jeanne162
31The Kaitou is doing a commercial?!?162
30Defender, burning with renewed spirit159
29Totally beautiful! The mysterious new teacher appears166
28Advent of the demon! New transformation188
27A tearful parting-Angel Fin165
26Infitrate! Karakuri ninja castle185
25Ghost story! Haunted summer school188
24Luxury cruise monkey panic176
23Checkmate! The magical blue butterfly199
22Dive! Double Kaitou death199
21Miyako, attacking love and friendship197
20The day that courage and hope were broken210
19Seal! Evidence of fatherly love202
18The demon attacks the friendship medal182
17Sudden intimacy! Loves tempestuous arrival222
16A first kiss illuminated by moonlight264
15Shocking confession of love in the amusement park242
14A wedding dress is the target191
13The thief of hearts, with the memory of loss plant183
12The pin is stronger than the sword190
11The beautiful heart of a detective180
10The masked man! What is his true identity?189
9The heartless checkmate179
8Steal the melody of love190
7Father-daughter detective team! The final gamble215
6The partner in crime is a mysterious old woman209
5Emergency at the airport236
4The thief's job saves a company too251
3An encircling net! The whole student body is the enemy268
2The target is family ties307
1The thief with a notice card556

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