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Konbini Kareshi
TV Series
Jul 7, 2017 to ?
Romance, Slice of Life


It is spring, right around the time when new students start getting used to their school lives. First year high school students Mishima Haruki and Honda Towa are looking forward to their new school life. Meanwhile Sanagi Nasa, sole member of the cooking research club, continues with his club activities from middle school, striving to work on the theme that his adviser laid out for him. Second year student Asumi Natsu, although he matured a little since the height of his impudence during his first year, has nevertheless chosen to remain alone this year. Third year students Nakajima Mikado and Sakurakouji Masamune watch over him with a smile. All of them will pay the nearby convenience store a visit after school. Each of the students goes there for different reasons: to eat ice cream after club activities at school, to get the latest issue of this week's game magazine, to purchase ingredients for cooking, to meet friends, or to stock up on their favorite bread or chocolate drink. The convenience store becomes the place they can meet, relax, and make small memories. Starting now, the reasons they will go to the convenience store will slowly begin to change.

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Total Ratings: 11

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