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Macross Delta

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Macross Delta
TV Series, 26 episodes
Apr 3, 2016 to Sep 25, 2016
Action, Drama, Mecha, Music, Romance, Science Fiction


Macross Delta is set in the year 2067, 8 years after the events of the latest Macross TV series, Macross Frontier. The story focuses on Walküre, a team of talented idols and Valkyrie pilots and the Delta Squadron, a team of experienced Valkyrie pilots as they battle against the Var Syndrome, a mysterious entity that is consuming the galaxy. But both must battle the mysterious Aerial Knights, a group of Valkyrie pilots from the Kingdom of Wind.

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77 likes / 21 dislikes

Total Ratings: 103

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7Behind Enemy Lines27
6Decision Overload27
5Moonlight Dancing35
4A Shocking Debut Show34
3A Stormy Dogfight34
2Audition with Death37
1Prologue on the Battlefield72
5Delta Mini Theatre 53
4Delta Mini Theatre 45
3Delta Mini Theatre 32
2Delta Mini Theatre 24
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