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Mamotte Shugogetten!

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Mamotte Shugogetten!
TV Series, 22 episodes
Oct 17, 1998 to Apr 3, 1999
Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Magic, Mahou Shoujo, Romance, Shoujo


Tasuke's parents are always travelling around the world, so he basically lives alone. His life seems pretty boring and careless until an artifact from China sent by his father makes a goddess appear. Shaolin Shugogetten is dedicated to protecting her master by summoning little spirits each with a unique power. If that isn't enough, a second goddess appears: Ruaan Keikounitten, who can bring objects alive. Her goal is to make Tasuke happy. Both goddesses aren't very bright and cause a lot of damage instead.

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129 likes / 45 dislikes

Total Ratings: 179

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9Shocking Scoop! An Unexpected Weakness73
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7Help! The "Stuck Together" Panic72
6The School is a Trap81
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4Fight! Debut of the Friend111
3The Burning Spirit of Takoyaki131
2Full Course Of Happiness183
1The Girl is a Knockout326

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