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Monster Strike

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Monster Strike
Web, 51 episodes
Oct 10, 2015 to Dec 3, 2016
Action, Fantasy, Magic


Ren Homura returns to his former residence, yet he feels very uncomfortable: he possesses no memory of having lived there. Without warning or his permission, a game called "Monster Strike" installs itself into Ren's smartphone; monsters of the game then literally fly out from his smartphone and start fighting on streets. Watching the fighting in amazement, Ren starts picking up his lost memories.

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95 likes / 62 dislikes

Total Ratings: 172

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51Strike Shot! An End and New Beginnings3
50Of Light and Flame3
49Karma, Light of War4
48Oraternative Memories2
47Ziggurat of Chaos3
46The Descent of Angels4
45World Ender Babel4
44An End to the Past5
43An Offering to Orochi5
42The Sun Sets on Orochi7
40Gather in Kaminohara!6
39Akira and Haruma6
38The Truth of K6
37In Darkness, Ryoma6
36The Imprisoned Lily4
35Death's Embrace4
34Ryoma VS Lucy4
33The Indomitable Dragon3
32The Flock of Bahamut4
31Blade Versus Gun5
30The Scarlet Shrine Maiden4
29Alice in a Mad Wonderland4
28Booya! Return to Shibuya5
27An Accidental Double Date4
26Assemble, Assault, and Assail4
25Nirvana, Inferno of War3
24Melodious Snow Bow5
23Dark Usurper Zeus4
22The Saber Amid the Blossoms4
21Come One and All: MS Club5
20From the Ring, Hope12
19Lucy the Annihilator10
18Where Art Thou, Haruma?10
17Pieces of Memories12
16Counter! A Strike Shot for the Ages!8
15Beware the Warrior God10
13Impossible Task23
11Welcome, Minami!24
10Shopfront Shocker32
9SOS! A Shocking Video?!31
8Evil Eye Minami32
7Operation Recruit Akira40
6The Glinting Blade43
5Mall Brawl!51
4A Night At The Colosseum52
3Aoi Mizusawa's Secret66
2Slingshot Away! Call Me Oragon!93
1The First Strike!147
1Summer special: Mermaid Rhapsody2

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