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Nagasarete Airantou

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Nagasarete Airantou
TV Series, 26 episodes
Apr 5, 2007 to Sep 27, 2007
Comedy, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Slapstick, Slice of Life


One day, Ikuto has a fight with his father and as a result runs away from home in the heat of the moment. Everything was going well until he boarded a ship, but then he carelessly fell overboard. After encountering the most serious raging storm in a hundred years, and spending many days adrift, he arrives here, at "Airantou". However, this island is a little weird...because, this Airantou is an island comprising solely of girls. An (extremely enviable) destiny awaits Ikuto.

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666 likes / 127 dislikes

Total Ratings: 821

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26Springing Out, Airan Island384
25Being Forged, Petty One252
24Being Drifted, Message Bottle267
23Bring Me Along, Elementary School!276
22Being Discovered, Blue Bird281
21Being Deceived, Ponpoko281
20Wrapped in Mystery, Detective (Part 2)271
19Wrapped in Mystery, Detective (Part 1)278
18Let's Compete, Ninja347
17Switch It, Magic300
16Let's Get the Territory Back, Leader332
15Trying To Improve, Mei Mei322
14The Embarrassed, Costumed Animal Character337
13I Wish to See You, Ikuto365
12It is Delicious, Bride Training367
11Taking Ice to Ease the Fever370
10Rain is My Friend403
9I Want to Charm the Successor413
8Invited by the Observer397
7Nyan is My Master / I Want to Look at the Sakura404
6The Hot Spring is Warm451
5Search, Kuma-kuma!484
4Run and Escape, Onee-sama / Be Surprised, Evil Spirit528
3Being Useful, Freeloader590
2Being Run After, Son-in-Law630

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