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New Game!! 2
TV Series
Jun 29, 2017 to ?
Comedy, Seinen, Slice of Life


After graduating from high school, Suzukaze Aoba starts work at the game company, Eagle Jump where she ends up working on the third installment of the game she loved as a child, "Fairies' Story." Aoba then meets Yagami Kou, who inspired her to become a character designer in the first place, and other senpai at her new job who help her grow along the way. "Fairies' Story 3" launched with no problem and now it's been about a year since Aoba first joined Eagle Jump. The season to welcome in new employees has arrived. Aoba reflects upon how nervous she was when she first started and gets excited about the fact that she was now going to be the senpai. She repeats, "I'm your senpai, Suzukaze Aoba. Nice to meet you!" in front of the entrance of Eagle Jump, but... A working life comedy about the daily lives of girls working at a gaming company begins its new chapter!

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Total Ratings: 40

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