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Nobunaga no Shinobi

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Nobunaga no Shinobi
TV Series, 26 episodes
Oct 4, 2016 to Mar 28, 2017


Chidori is a little ninja girl living in Japan's Warring States Period. One day, Oda Nobunaga rescued her from drowning in a river. Since that day, Chidori knew she wanted to serve Nobunaga. Five years later, she and Sukezou (who likes her) head out from their ninja village, determined to serve Oda Nobunaga!

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20 likes / 7 dislikes

Total Ratings: 30

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25We Took the Castle!!3
24The Legend of the Shadow4
23Nobunaga!! Behind You!! Behind You!!5
22The Straight Man Appears3
21Someday I Want to Be the Shogun!!3
20My Little Sister3
19We Got Takenaka Hanbee!!3
18Kyo Is Calling Me4
17Notice of the End of Being a Shut-In4
16Let's Just Say It Got Built Overnight!!4
15Let's All Build Sunomata Castle5
14Moving Up in the World Is Hard4
13The Situation at Inabayama Castle!!8
12The Genius Is Sickly6
11If Your Boss Doesn't Favor You5
10The One Who Rules Mino Rules the Land8
9The Kiyosu Alliance and Motoyasu's Shinobi7
8History Is Full of People6
7In the Center of Okehazama, Yoshimoto Yells6
6Chidori, Like a Bird4
5The Imagawa Army Arrives9
4The Monkey and the Tsundere Girl6
3Attack!! Imagawa-san Next Door7
2The Oda Clan and Their Merry Friends11
1Let's Go See Nobunaga-sama16

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