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Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo

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Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo
TV Series, 13 episodes
Jul 4, 2005 to Sep 26, 2005
Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Seinen


Ureshiko Asaba, 26 years old, married. Few people know the fact that she is a magical girl named "Agnès", and she is actually the guardian of the town where she lives. One day she meets Sayaka Kurenai, aka "Cluje", another magical girl appointed by the magic realm as the legitimate sucessor to her position, but Agnes is reluctant in letting her assume because she knows that Cluje has orders to erase the whole place, including its human inhabitants with the purpose of creating a new one. To complicate matters, Ureshiko must deal with the growing distance between her and her husband, Tamotsu, her crescent feelings for Tatsumi Kagura, a young man who is now living as a tenant in her home, and the fact that in the moment she ever kisses a common human, she would lose her powers forever.

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75 likes / 50 dislikes

Total Ratings: 133

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13You Are Here With Me, You See59
12The Heart is Alive, You See35
11The Autumn Wind Blowing, You See35
10To Open My Mind, You See39
9So I Don't Have Any Regrets, You See Regrets39
8Existence of a Dear Person, You See39
7The Kiss Right in Front of Me, You See49
6The Charms of Adults are..., You See41
5Adults are Okay, You See47
4Evening Shower is Dangerous, You See53
3Adults are Kids, You See54
2Stew is Okay, You See68
1No Kiss, You See178

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