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Sousei no Onmyouji

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Sousei no Onmyouji
TV Series, 50 episodes
Apr 6, 2016 to ?
Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural


Rokuro is from a family of exorcists who remove the evil Kegare, but his real dream is to be a singer, a soccer player, or anything other than an exorcist. When another exorcist name Benio arrives, Rokura is suddenly inflamed with competitive spirit and decides to put his natural knack to good use. Their rivalry gets more complicated when they both learn they are the destined "Twin Star Exorcists," two ultimate fighters fated to marry and create the prophesied child who will eliminate all the Kegare in the world.

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412 likes / 76 dislikes

Total Ratings: 507

45The Couple Alone: Lonely Twin Exorcist29
44Distanced Despite Their Love: Farewell, My Precious38
43The Millennial Dream: Melancholic Misanthrope41
42I Come from Magano: Say It Ain't So, Rokuro!41
41The Twelve Guardians Fall! Have A Nice Nightmare, 12 Gu...40
40Twin Stars' Hearts Dance: Finally They Kissed?50
39The Sacred Beast of Love: Daughter's Fight! Father's De...41
38Narukami's Most Ill-Fated Day: No Way to Run, No Place ...41
37Spirits Soaring in the City of Romance: Tell Me Honest ...48
36What Must Be Protected: What Is Really Important59
35The Puppeteer's Revenge: I Am Not Alone54
34The Greatest Duo?! Wachi vs Washi & Watashi42
33The Master Repays a Favor: I Want You to Eat Me53
32Into Chaos: Seeking the Past, Seeking the Future56
31Because I'm with You: Wai Wa Kinako Ya!48
30Forever Smiling: Lovely Smile Forever58
29A Promise with Sae: Missing Exorcist Master58
28Unomiya Tenma: Transcendence62
27Mayura-chan's Secret: Mayura's Secret Lesson67
26Twin Stars vs Twins: Basara Twins' Strings59
25Celestial Avatar: Come Back! Southpaw67
24The Kegare's Dream: What Is Beautiful?85
23Westward, Twin Stars: Hard to Be Mother89
22It's Impure, Y'Know? Philosophical Filthy Seraphim96
21Rebirth of the Twin Stars: Sweetie Fairy72
20Our Path: To the Future with Us Two75
19Both Sin and Impurity: The 10 Seconds Decision79
18On the Eve of Battle: Triumph over Fear74
17The Red Emblem Master Gave Me: New Talisman from Master79
16As an Exorcist: Salvation Then Wailing73
15Goodbye to Being Alone: The Awakening of Love75
14Yukatas, Stars, and Wishes: Tanabata Special76
13Your Courage, My Courage: Zero Millimeters Apart80
12Give Me a Break: Basara Boy Kamui91
11Do Your Best, Newlyweds: Fantastic Moments80
10Subaru's Training: The Bewitching Guardian100
9Intertwining Tragedies: Tragedy Comes with Smile119
8Rokuro's Feelings: Shocking Confession102
7A New Trial: Unbelievable Game84
6Benio and Mayura: Girls' Party106
5Twelve Guardians, Vermilion Bird: The Guardian Shimon98
4The Sound of Magano: Bothersome Twosome129
3Differing Intentions: A Hero's Worth167
2Intersection of Twin Stars: A Fateful Fight195
1The Destined Two: Boy Meets Girl240

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