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Tokyo Mew Mew
TV Series, 52 episodes
Apr 6, 2002 to Mar 29, 2003
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mahou Shoujo, Romance, Science Fiction, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Supernatural


On her first date with the cutest boy in school, Ichigo is zapped by a mysterious ray that scrambles her DNA with that of the endangered Iriomote wildcat. The next day, Ichigo discovers that she has developed the agility (and occasionally the ears and tail) of a cat, as well as the power to transform into a pink-haired superheroine, Mew Ichigo. She and four other girls, each endowed with the genes of a different "Red Data" animal, have been selected for the top-secret Mew Project, which aims to protect the Earth from an alien menace known as Deep Blue.

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Total Ratings: 1354

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52For the Future of Earth, We'll Serve, Nyan!273
51Our Final Battle! I Believe in Your Smile138
50Ichigo's Test! I'm a Mew Mew107
49The Awakening of Blue, Yet Another Form!112
48Maze from Another Dimension! Quiche's Gamble!!108
47The Power of Love! I'll Protect Aoyama-kun!!99
46New Battle! A Friend Who Protects the Earth100
45Mystery Solved! The Truth about the Blue Knight154
44The Town that Became a Forest! The One Who Protects Ich...117
43Enemy or Ally? Fight, Big Sister!!109
42Zakuro's Doubt, And Then There Were Four Mew Mews90
41A Wind that Carries Happiness, An Earnest Prayer113
40Two Becoming Friends? Pudding in Imminent Danger!122
39The Stolen Dream, Sweet Trap of the Lavender123
38Miracle of the Holy Night, No Secrets Anymore144
37The Shining Tear: Celebrating Christmas with just the T...135
36Shirogane's Past: the Secret of the Mew Mews' Birth156
35Don't Cry, Lonely Little Zakuro125
34The Most Important Matter - The Ability to Trust In Som...109
33A Fiance Appears. Puddings's Fated Marriage?!128
32Princess Fight - The Hero Can't be Bought for Money105
31Father's Back, One-game Match for Ichigo!136
30Be Honest! Unspoken Love in the Crystal Ball114
29A Forbidden Love? I Can Understand Cats ~nyan!137
28The Key to the Mystery is Her K.I.S.S.173
27I Love You - Aoyama-kun's Shocking Declaration181
26Stop Time! Overwhelmed with Sentimental Feeling127
25Love Hurdle - Many Obstacles to Ichigo's Love119
24A Mysterious Gem: Brilliance is Within You!106
23Sudden Love! Accept Girl's Hearts!131
22Farewell Summer - Ichigo's Longest Day118
21Sparks of the Heart - Ichigo and Mint at Odds114
20Memories of Mother, Big Sister's in Trouble na no da123
19The Power of Kindness, Let My Wish Reach the Bottom of ...146
18Midsummer Love! Ichigo's Heart A-Flutter162
17The Blue Knight! I'll Be the One to Protect You!!169
16Lettuce's Love, Earnest Feelings at the Library129
15A Little Hero, Masha Risks His Life for Friendship133
14Akasaka's Secret, A Sad Love Story129
13Hearts that Miss in Passing, Aoyama-kun is the Target170
12I've Been Exposed, The Cherry Petals Fall at the End of...165
11Believing Hearts, The Five Together are Tokyo Mew Mew172
10The Final Member, The Illusory Lone Wolf156
9Dearest Brother, The Memory is in the Photograph158
8Let's GO to the Onsen! The Love Miracle of the Mystery ...161
7Enter Purin, Ears and Tail are Performance Too185
6Piano of the Heart, A Heart-Pounding Ball, Nyan201
5A Storm of Rhythmic Gymnastics, I'll Be a Shining Star ...211
4Tearful Date, The Secret I Can't Tell Aoyama-kun, Nyan243
3School Ghost Story, Revealing the Monster's True Form, ...262
2A New Friend, The Defender of Justice is a Super-Debuta...302
1Becoming a Cat, the Defender of Justice is a Girl in Lo...630

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