Tonagura! Episodes


Series Information

TV Series, 13 episodes
Jul 9, 2006 to Oct 1, 2006
Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Slapstick


Kazuki has been awaiting 10 years for the day when her neighbours moved back to their old house. She has a crush on Yuuji, whom she considers as her first love but to whom she never managed to express her feelings for him before they moved out. Yuuji often comes over to play with Kazuki, Kazuki's older sister Hatsune and Yuuji's sister Marie when they were kids. Her ideal depiction of Yuuji was soon shattered when he turned out more than she had expected, him acting all ecchi during their reunion. With their parents off in South America, both families must learn to live with each other and rekindle the childhood feelings they shared together. Things get even more crazy as they attend the same school.

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327 likes / 63 dislikes

Total Ratings: 419

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13Veranda And Paper Planes493
12A Letter To Yuuji And Memories From Ten Years Ago387
11Yukata And Fireworks And A Broken Sandal Strap351
10It's A Bikini? Everyone Gathers361
9Are You By Any Chance, Jealous?397
8Kazuki x Hatsune Swimming Showdown378
7Strongest Invincible My Sister409
6Hugging Princess?448
5Let's Break Up!!464
3Smart Yuuji And Startled Kazuki471
2Aloof Kazuki And The Apron Of Temptation543
1A 30cm Unrequited Love893

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