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Vatican Kiseki Chousakan

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Vatican Kiseki Chousakan
TV Series
Jul 7, 2017 to ?
Drama, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural


In the heart of Vatican City, there is a secret organization dedicated to investigating reports of miracles. Robert Nicholas, an archivist and cryptanalysis expert, and Hiraga Joseph Kou, a genius scientist, are members of the Assembly of Saints. As miracle investigators, they travel the world validating particular phenomena, only to uncover events tainted with conspiracy and deceit. With orders to find out the truth behind God's works, Josef and the fiercely protective Robert venture out into the unknown.

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Total Ratings: 32

ImageMost Recommended SeriesTypeVotes
07-Ghost07-GhostTV Series1

11The Gold of the Darkness; I Am with the Lord14
10The Ghosts of Past Appeared13
9The Decapitating Clown and the Tale of Solomon14
8Only Through Death Can We Full Comprehend Rebirth into ...14
7Those Branded with a Curse15
6God Bestows Upon Us All His Revelations16
5The Game of Angels and Demons29
4Even So, I Still Believe in the Lord God25
3Secrets of the Gods and the Beast of 66634
2The Endless Unease of Existence31
1Through God's Succor, My Eyes Are Opened37

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