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Wolf's Rain

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Wolf's Rain
TV Series, 26 episodes
Jan 7, 2003 to Jul 29, 2003
Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Seinen


In some distant future, it's common knowledge that all wolves have been extinct for 200 years. However, it seems this is false as wolves have not disappeared but rather have taken human form. Kiba, a lone wolf, wanders into a city, trying to sniff out the Lunar Flowers that are supposed to lead whoever follows the scent to paradise. The source of the smell is Cheza, a girl who sleeps in what appears to be suspended animation in a lab. She and the wolves are drawn to each other, and Kiba hopes to find paradise once he finds the source of the scent of Lunar Flowers. However, once Kiba finds Cheza, she is kidnapped by a mysterious person called Darcia, and his search begins anew. Before he leaves the city, he meets 3 other wolves, Tsume, Hige and Toboe. All four wolves have very different personalities and ideas, and their friendliness towards each other is a little rough around the edges. However, they soon band together to continue to search for paradise.

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482 likes / 70 dislikes

Total Ratings: 575

30Wolf's Rain (OVA)219
29High Tide, High Time (OVA)120
28Gunshot of Remorse (OVA)118
27Soul's Whereabouts (OVA)131
26Moonlight Crucible134
25False Memories116
24Scent of a Trap128
23Heartbeat of the Black City121
22Pieces of a Shooting Star119
21Battle's Red Glare125
19Dream of an Oasis130
18Man, Wolves, and the Book of the Moon89
17Scent of the Flower, Blood of the Wolves94
16Dream Journey105
15Grey Wolf136
14Fallen Keep146
13Men's Lament151
12Don't Make Me Blue167
11Vanishing Point178
10Moon's Doom182
8Song of Sleep198
7The Flower Maiden212
6The Successors211
5Fallen Wolves233
4Scars in the Wasteland258
3Bad Fellow266
2Toboe, Who Doesn't Howl317
1The City of Howls585

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