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Yakitate!! Japan

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Yakitate!! Japan
TV Series, 69 episodes
Oct 12, 2004 to Mar 14, 2006
Action, Comedy, Drama, Parody, Shounen, Slapstick


Azuma Kazuma isn't terribly clever, but he's got a good heart and great skill - at baking. Since childhood, he's been on a quest to create the perfect bread to represent Japan internationally. Now, he seeks to enter the famous bakery Pantasia, in hopes of reaching his goal. But plots abound...

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789 likes / 114 dislikes

Total Ratings: 917

69Who is it that you will give truly delicious bread to!?...417
68This is the path I must take!? The Road of the Loquat!201
67The Sun vs. the Blizzard!! The ultimate tart showdown!207
65-66The Fearful Revenge!! The Panda man appears! + The mira...169
64A Traditional Taste! The heart that thinks of Japan is ...173
63Seaweed Bread Showdown!! A really famous person is gonn...189
62The sibling showdown!! The first-class man chosen by Da...214
61Kanmuri's secret!! A jam showdown without moral codes216
59-60Nin Nin Nin!! My Way of Ninja! + I Hate Things that Tur...224
58Love also Rescues Saito!! Solar Hands VS the Flame Arm!221
57Oo, Mango!! CMAP's Big Counterattack!228
56Kuroyanagi in Danger!! The Lost Reactions!228
55Awaken!! Super Kuroyanagi!252
54The breat battles in special localities!! In the end, h...242
53A Letter of Challenge from Kirisaki!! The start of a ne...249
52Pierrot crosses the sands of time!! Japan at the apex o...288
51All the ingredients collected!! The greatest finals in ...256
50I'll show you the universe!! The man who'll inherit the...255
48-49The Great detective Pierrot!! A reaction you lay your l...248
47Victory!! Revolutionizing the bread industry!250
46Pierrot Arrested !? Bows Between Love And Bread !255
45Nude * Nude * Nude!! Magnificent Bread Battle!256
44The Sound Speed Threat !! Gopan #97265
43Fully Nutritional !! Sports Pan Confront !290
42Misterious Brothers !! Kaizer's Natural Shape !258
41The Question of the King !! Who must prove a delicious ...272
40Pierrot's Miscalculation !! The Last Dinner , How it Ta...302
38-39And Now You Must Swim!! Tai-yaki-kun of the Southern Is...304
37Survival!! Bakers on an Uninhabited Island!274
36A Speed Contest!! Ping It with That!279
35The world pays attention!! The Monaco Cup finals begin!267
34Lupan #3!! Pain d'epice, Kai-Style(Kai)!279
33Snacks at 3 p.m.!! It's Japan #21!307
32This is the world level!! The roulette that brings fort...286
31The critical touch and go situation!! The prohibited Ro...333
30And now, it's France!! Aim for the Monaco Cup!325
29Close attack!! The birth of the black Japan!285
28The ten billion yen man!? Pantasia's life or death cris...297
27Let's all make bread together!! It's JAPAN #2!329
26Newcomer Battle Final Match!! Singing, Dancing French B...305
25What!! Kawachi, Intense Training of China!308
23-24Rice Cake Rice Cake Showdown!! Azuma Kazuma VS Kanmuri ...358
22Before the Finals!! A Dark Shadow Approaches Kazuma297
21The experimental, historical, supreme bread!! It's JAPA...365
20The Indomitable Fighting Spirit!! Use Adversity as a Sp...292
19The nightmarish semifinals!! Yukino's despicable trap!296
18With a little prayer!! An oath on the grave!336
17The Great Decisive Battle!! Koala's Dragon vs. Kazuma's...376
16The Green Marvel!! It's the Magician Kazuma!357
15The Best Possible Team!! We're Going to Win with Onono ...321
14Delii-cious!! The Trap of the Yakisoba Bread!325
13Sorry for the Wait!! Meron Meron with Melon Bread!367
11-12Garbage and Trash!! Kazuma Selected the Worst Possible ...328
10Each One's Opening Curtain!! The Pantasia Newcomers' Ba...333
9I won't lose!! I challenge you with my Osaka Bread!322
8Kawachi Kai!! The Solar Gauntlet!327
7Hattori Surprise!! Transformation with the secret sauce...358
6It's the Main Store!! Dancing Meister!366
5De-licious!! A decisively ultimate butter!386
4Hihiin!! Make a delicious bread!391
3Burnt Black!! Is This the Final Kurowa-san!?436
2Marahajah!! The Day Mount Fuji Fell!523
1He Has Arrived!! The Boy Who Possesses Solar Hands800
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