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Yosuga no Sora

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Yosuga no Sora
TV Series, 12 episodes
Oct 4, 2010 to Dec 20, 2010
Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Seinen


— This series is not appropriate for minors. — Okukozome is a remote village far removed from the city. That is where Kasugano Haruka goes, taking Sora, his sister, with him. It is a place he had visited often in the past, the place where his grandfather had lived before passing away. Now, the two siblings have lost their parents and a place to call home. Thus, they decide to move into their grandfather's empty house.

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2289 likes / 441 dislikes

Total Ratings: 2867

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12To the Distant Sky1,435
11The Uncertain Pair1,718
10Imitating the Bird's Cry1,156
9Distant Feelings1,045
8The Still Dark Sky1,149
7Sinful Maidens1,298
6Don't Give Up1,335
5Darkness Brightens1,610
4Haruka's Heart1,990
3A Careful Distance1,803
2Akira Embarrassed1,918
1Distant Memories3,033

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