Youkai Apato No Yuuga Na Nichijou Episodes

Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou

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Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou
TV Series, 26 episodes
Jul 3, 2017 to Dec 25, 2017
Mystery, Slice of Life, Supernatural


Inaba Yuushi's parents died in his first year of middle school, and he moved in with his relatives. Though they did care for him, he could tell he was a burden. After he graduated, he happily prepared to move to a high school with a dormitory. Unfortunately, the dormitory burned to the ground before he could move in! Yuushi doesn't want to live with his grudging relatives, but it's rough finding lodging as an orphaned student with little money. He finally finds a room in a nice old building which seems too good to be true. The catch is that it is a Monster House, a place where humans and supernatural creatures--ghosts, mononoke, etc.-- live together. Another high schooler lives there, a cute girl named Akine, and she's completely unfazed by the monsters. In fact, she can even exorcise evil spirits! Yuushi's high school life just got much stranger than he ever bargained for!

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Total Ratings: 215

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26Elegant Yokai Apartment Life26
25A Great Storm Blows30
24The Storm Before the Storm23
23Do You Like Other Faces? Or Not?31
22Burning Student Assembly!29
21It Isn't a Manga!28
20Under the Gilt35
19Let's Communication37
18Words from the Bottom of Your Body39
17The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions38
16Look at the Full Moon and Jump39
15A New Teacher Arrives46
14Late Night at the Yokai Apartments45
12I'm Going to the Future49
11The Worst Possible Meeting55
10School Ghost Stories?58
9New Term54
7I'm in Training64
6Petit Hierozoikon69
5A Place to Call Home73
4This Side63
3Kuri and Shiro78
2The Residents of the Yokai Apartments75
1Yushi and Kotobuki-so90

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