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Yumeiro Patissiere Professional

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Yumeiro Patissiere Professional
TV Series, 13 episodes
Oct 3, 2010 to Dec 26, 2010
Comedy, Shoujo


After 2 years studying abroad in Paris, Ichigo returns to Japan and St. Mary Academy as a 1st year high-school student. Together with the 3 Sweets Princes, Kashino, Andou and Hanabusa, she will once again form Team Ichigo in other to reach new heights in the art of the pâtissière. Or so she thought. The truth is, in the interim, the 3 have gone their separate ways in pursuit of their own ambitions. Ichigo is greatly shocked to learn that Team Ichigo is no more. Before she can come to grips with this development, she is summoned to a meeting with Henri-sensei regarding a project assignment. The project: To establish and manage her own "Sweets Shop"! Furthermore, the members of the project team includes certain persons she knows quite well...

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1001 likes / 146 dislikes

Total Ratings: 1182

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